New Single: OK so KO



John and Baby John mic

Post feeding getting fussy have to knock this verse out through the Nuemann U87 Mic though. He'll be fine in the control room with Kayla.

kayla and john mic

Laying down scratch vocals at home trying to figure out harmonies. First attempt with the wrap a success! Sleep!

Check out my wife’s awesome singing on o

Off to get some local oysters!

OK so KO: Press  Release

Ignite Mindz and his wife Kayla Marie unleash the kraken, and a payload of the latest in soundbombing weapons technology on the new single “OK so KO” from the upcoming album. Beginning with a 1930s woman trapped in a giant organ screaming for help from her murderer, she’s drowned out by thunderous harmonizing synthesizers. Ignite plays piano and the Moog 15 on this bombastic production, while he and his wife tag team the chorus with combos. The lyrics touch on classic horror movie monsters, bad country music, the Temple of Doom, trying to hang with Snoop & Willie Nelson, Talladega Nights, Pac in Juice, B.I.G., and X Men sentinels. It’s engineered by Ignite’s old boss, the Grammy nominated Ian Schreier. So lay low. No? OK... get KO’d.


Stream anywhere or soundcloud it here. 

There's also a lyric video on Youtube from the above link.


Ignite Mindz and Kayla Marie met when he was opening for Naughty by Nature. A classically trained singer herself, they began making music together soon after they started dating. They are both from Winston-Salem NC. Ignite raps live while playing the keyboard and/or bass (sometimes the bass with his toes if a drum set is involved with the keyboard). And produces his own beats.


Ignite began rapping after breaking his arm at 14, when he watched a skate video whose soundtrack was freestyles from Method Man, Ghostface, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, and a host of other legends. The skating was interlaced with the footage of the freestyles on Stretch and Bobbito’s legendary NYC radio show. Being stuck at home with a broken arm all summer, he watched it so many times, that it became engrained in him. Ignite started a group with his friend Imagery at 17. At 18 they started burning discs of recordings they’d done with local producers, passing them around high school. Some rival rappers at a rival high school made an entire dis mixtape about them after Imagery punched one of them at a party.


At 20, Ignite learned to make beats on a free version of Fruity Loops after witnessing a Little Brother show and seeing how 9th Wonder was changing the game to be more accessible to producers. His second beat he ever made is still one of his favorites. He produced several Ignite and Imagery albums, and Ignite Mindz albums. He performed extensively across  the east coast but especially North Carolina. He hit his stride being a part of the Raleigh, NC scene. The same group of people in this scene at the time were Rapsody, Kooley High, and King Mez. It was such a hot bed of talent in Raleigh at that time, that it’s a shame more of its legends aren’t well known yet. 


After he moved back to Winston, he joined a band called I&I + 3 with a guitarist, bassist, drummer, Imagery on the mic, and Ignite on the keyboards and mic. He met Kayla, an exceptionally talented singer with much wider tastes in music, who still loved much of the same hip hop as him. Through repeated exposure to a blend of the storytelling of country, the emotion of singer/songwriters, the energy of pop music, and the pain of rhythm and blues, Ignite’s writing became more well rounded. It improved his understanding of song structure and of the underlying elements that move people and make them feel.

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