ABOUT Ignite mindz

North Carolina’s Ignite Mindz is an artist’s artist in every sense of the phrase. Ignite Mindz has the ability to create the soundscape for your latest track, write a verse for himself to guest on and then write a hook for another artist to come in and perform. Ignite has experience in Logic and Fruity Loops, but he ups the ante now playing multiple instruments on his records as well. He often plays piano on stage while rapping at the same time, as his wife Kayla sings alongside him. With over a decade under his belt in making music, Ignite continuously showcases why he’s a marquee act. Multiple albums garnering critical acclaim across a myriad of platforms, combined with his impeccable work ethic, Ignite Mindz isn’t going anywhere. 

Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Ignite Mindz began learning about music early on in his inception. His father always played Jazz and made him pick up the trumpet at age 11. It’s one thing to play an instrument, but Ignite took it step further, genuinely studying music, taking notes, teaching himself to write songs. Over the next few years, Ignite picked up skateboarding and through skate videos was introduced to the underground hip hop we know today. At 14, Ignite broke his arm and this pushed him to watch the Zoo York tape over and over again until it became etched in his heart. After memorizing and recording the vocals, Ignite looked towards production, honing skills and eventually started making beat on Fruity Loops.

In 2005, Ignite teamed up with long time friend Imagery to release their debut album “Thoughts”. The two went on to work together on four other projects and landing Press from some of the Blog Era’s biggest publications, HipHopDX, Kevin Nottingham and others praised Ignite for his love of the Golden Era and the versatility in his creation. The duo went on doing live shows and even teamed up with a band to make Ignite & Imagery +3 adding a new component to the duo’s live show. Ignite’s work led him to performing with Naughty by Nature, where the North Carolina artist would meet his wife. 


15 years later and Ignite Mindz is a pillar in hip-hop and actively choosing to evolve. Married, Ignite Mindz creates music with his wife Kayla Marie a professionally trained singer. In fact you can hear the duo in full action on Ignite’s latest album “Influence”. “I started writing bridges choruses and bridges for her to sing on this album. She’s on so many songs that it probably should be called Ignite and Kayla Marie - Influence” Ignite says. Ignite Mindz took a step back with this album taking the time to prepare, practicing the songs hundreds of times, teaming up with Roland Pro Sound to exclusively record the album and it doesn’t stop there. Ignite’s studying and knowledge of music theory when he was younger would then come to fruition as he took the brunt of the instrumentation, this time playing multiple instruments on “Influence”. 


As we enter the new decade Ignite Mindz doesn’t have any intention of stopping, with his focus on his family he’s thankful to be creating. Ignite has beyond proved that he has universal appeal between staggering Press and over 50K in streams across all platforms and closing in on 200K views on YouTube, Ignite can touch fans of the underground and lovers of the art form in general. Ignite Mindz is wrapping up with the finishing touches on a new album and with how he’s stretched his arms through his tenure, there’s no knowing what he has in store for us next. 

By Michael Stover